Welcome to the "Limestone Capital of Texas"

Chico, Texas is a small rural community in North Texas located at the intersection of State Highway 101 and Farm Road 1810, roughly fifty-five miles northwest of Ft. Worth. Chico is a part of Wise County and is widely known as the “Limestone Capital” of Texas due to the many rock quarries around Chico.

Chico began its life as a settlement of several families on 1,920 acres of land belonging to the heirs of William Heresee. Before the Civil War, the land was purchased for thirteen cents an acre by R.C. Mount. The town grew as a trade center for surrounding cotton farms. In October of 1876, R.C. Mount filed a deed for forty-four acres, two of which were reserved for a school and a church. Sometime after this, Colonel J.T. Brown, who had arrived in the area around 1875 and became a merchant in the settlement, purchased the town site for $1.26 an acre. Sites were plotted for a public square, business center, and residential areas. A post office was established in 1882, and Colonel Brown was its first postmaster. After some debate, the town was named after Colonel Brown’s hometown of Chico, California.

Chico has a wonderful history as a trade and agricultural center and there are several historical locations in and around Chico. While the focus is no longer on trade and agriculture, there are numerous career opportunities with local rock quarries and oil related businesses. Located within an hour’s drive of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and Denton, many have found that commuting to work is an acceptable trade off to raising a family in the relaxed and friendly atmosphere of Chico. The 2010 census puts the population of Chico at 1,002.

Chico Square circa 1912-14